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We were at World Blender Meetup Day :D

It was a hoot, here's what we presented on :)

Procedural Clouds... again!

Yeah, it was fun the first time, we did do a video tutorial on this, but this was a live streamed version and I had to keep it pretty trimmed, you can catch the video when WBMD finally publishes its videos, its actually still going!

Anyhoo, here's the blend file that I made in the stream. Makes a reasonably nice cloud I reckon!

How to Make a Product

This was a little off the beaten track we're used to doing. But I really wanted to share some stuff that would help anyone who's interested in making anything, even its its not technically a product (though spoiler, this is a talk on making a product, techniques can be adapted for your own purposes though).

After working in corporate innovation for a couple of years, I did pick up some buzz words. I also picked up some power point skills and thought that some of the stuff we were using for teaching scientists how to be more 'entrepreneurial' at Australia's National Science agency (the CSIRO for those who local abbreviations) was useful enough to use myself.

Today I shared both that training material and also a bit of my own experiences from Crowdrender. Here's the presentation slide deck, you can check out the video once the streams of the WMBD are done!


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