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Custom Development

We've been making stuff in blender, programming and prototyping for a long time so we're pretty confident we can do just about anything! 

We only just started offering development services in late 2020, so this is new. You can check out the projects we've done on this page and see what we've done and what our clients think :)

If you need something building thats custom for your business or organisation, we'd be delighted to chat, so please contact us!

Hybrid Cloud Rendering Solutions

If you've invested in hardware for your office/studio, then you might relate to being frustrated when you can't meet a deadline and have to render everything through a cloud cloud based render farm. 

We've been working with hybrid solutions for a few years now and can help you setup a system where you can optionally use the cloud, with your own hardware to boost your render power temporarily. 

We can create and manage custom images for you that can be run in dedicated or spot instances an AWS. Every server you run in the cloud can render with your own hardware, allowing you to optimise render time and cost without being locked in. 

If you're interested in a demo, or want to know more please contact us!

Projects We've done

Marathon Hardware - Making a custom batch render system

Based in Canada, Marathon Hardware reached out to us after using our addon to reduce the time it took to produce architectural visualisations. They needed to create a way to automate rendering thousands of product shots for their website and print media. Chances are if you're looking at their website, your looking at something rendered using our software. The image below is from one of their catalogues!

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 4.29.57 pm.png

The project involved working with Stephen, their lead 3D artist to define how the batch rendering would work and fit into their pipeline. We completed the project a little ahead of time, but I'll let them speak for themselves, here's what Stephen had to say:


The use of Crowdrender has been a phenomenal success for our company by speeding up the process of rendering out Architectural Visualizations for advertisement of our products. As a result, we decided to contract out a scripting job to speed up the rendering process of multiple products in one file. While trying to accomplish a 360-degree visualization tool for our website, we found it imperative to use Blender to create the images needed to complete this project.


The scripting job was outsourced to James Crowther, one of the developers at Crowdrender. He has managed to help our company tremendously, and the work he has done on the script is outstanding. Created in a rapid timeline and with full support and perfect instructions, it worked with ease. We highly recommend James for future scripting and programming work.

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