A collection of gears which have white teeth and colored interiors. The colours are red, yellow, blue, green, violet and purple

We're currently building an add-on for Blender. Blender is an open source 3d animation package and can be downloaded by following this link blender.org

Our software works by connecting computers together using either wifi or ethernet based networks. All that is required to use our add-on is to have blender running on each of your computers with our add-on installed and enabled. You can then enjoy faster render times as each of your computers shares the task of rendering stills or entire animations. 

Four computers arranged in a diamond pattern. Each computer has the same smilling face rendered in large pixels. The pixles are different colours, red, yello, blue, green, violet and purple
Render Node

Typically you will be working on one computer, we call this the "Client" or "Master" since it effectively controls the other computers you want to use to render. All the other computers that will help the "client/master" render are called "Render Nodes" or just "nodes" for short. 

You can connect to other computers using the add-on and then start using them to render frames. Once a connection is established between the client and a render node, the file you have loaded is transferred. Once the file is transferred you can start rendering frames. 

Three objects aligned horzontally, a frustrum a cube and two rounded rectangles connected by a curved line.

Edits like moving cameras, meshes, lights or changing settings in shaders are uploaded in real time, no file uploads

Edits get synced automatically

So you've connected your computers and rendered and now you want to make changes, this means you'll have to upload the file again right? Well no actually, depending on what edits you did, you might not have to do another upload. We've been working towards making edits update to each node in real time. What this means is that for basic edits like translate, rotate or scaling an object (like the camera, mesh or a light) or changing values of a shader, you won't have to upload your file again. 

This feature saves a lot of time when you are having to make changes late in your project as you won't have to upload your file on each edit. Some edits will still require an upload, but these edits tend to be done early on in the project, such as creating or editing a mesh, animating or texturing. Once this is done, you can connect your computers together and start rendering, knowing you can tweak without having to upload. 

Should you still need to force an upload at any point, we've made this super easy with a single click of button to synchronise all your computers with your latest changes.

Finished frames appear in your application as normal

As each frame completes you'll see them appear in your application, right now that is the UV/Image editor for Blender. We've taken care to make sure there is minimal change to how you render on a single machine. The only difference you should notice is speed. 

Use old as well as new computers

Our software measures the performance of each computer you use as a render node and makes sure that slower hardware gets less load so that the overall group of computers you use is faster regardless of whether they are equally matched.

Download the latest version

You can grab the latest version of our software by clicking the button below. You'll need to login or sign up, but its all free.