CR Development fund 2 to 1 compressed.00

artwork by Albin Merle, Koen Vissers, tom120934 and James Crowther

Next Dev Fund goal - USD2500 a month =  Current addon Maintained



 all operational costs covered! 🎉🎉



V0.3.0 freely available ðŸŽ‰





V0.3.1 freely available🎉



Please note, all subscriptions can take up to 24 hours to process

$4 / m



Support Development for the cost of a cup of coffee (ish)



  • early access to the latest updates to our current addon and to our new system (currently in development).

  • Your name displayed on this page!

  • Elevated priority for support tickets :)

  • Yearly subscription has option for including Hard Surface 2.80+ training package!

or $75 with Hard Surface

$10 / m

16 subs

Chat with devs, early access to our content...



  • All $4 subscription perks; plus*

  • Access to our developer chat for faster responses to questions and support issues

  • Exclusive content and advanced viewing of live streams and videos

  • Support tickets elevated in priority

  • Yearly subscription includes Hard Surface 2.80+ training package!

includes Hard Surface

$20 / m

8 subs

Get top priority support!



  • All $10 subscription perks; plus*

  • Top priority for support tickets

  • Issues you report get priority for patch updates

  • Yearly subscription includes Hard Surface 2.80+ training package!

includes Hard Surface

$50 / m

0 subs

Render with the cloud, video chat support :)


  • All $20 subscription perks; plus*

  • Video chat support for urgent issues**

  • $10 credit each month towards our cloud rendering service :)

  • ​Yearly subscription includes Hard Surface 2.80+ training package!

includes Hard Surface



Make a one off or custom monthly donation :D

You can choose your own amount and make it a one off or monthly donation; plus


  • monthly donations meeting or exceeding the 4, 10, 20 or 50 tiers get the same perks


* All perks from a lower tier are included in a higher tier, except hard surface, e.g. subscribing at $10 a month doesn't automatically include the Hard Surface training package from the $4, its an option for each tier, available as an addition to a one year subscription at that tier.

**Video chat means one hourly session per month with Crowdrender Developers

What our subscribers say

We've already built a system that people genuinely use and care about, but we need your help to finish what we've started, in case you need convincing though, here's what a couple of our development fund supporters said about our software.


I think crowdrender is a brilliant idea. I can work from my MacBook and render with my PC which  supports CUDA.


Also it’s fun to see my fellow students laboriously transfer their Maya projects to other computers and check their settings to render them in parallel, and I just push a button! 


Koen Vissers

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 3.04.37 pm.png

Here's what I like about Crowdrender.  It not only connects multiple computers together to maximize their resources but it also connects people in a similar way.  It allows artist/hobbyists who want to collaborate and share their collective resources/talents possible.


Shawn Kitchen

Hear from the creators

 Thanks to you we reached our first funding goal

and our first mini goal!


A huge HUGE thank you to everyone who supports us :D, on the 14th of April 2020 our development fund reached its first goal of $750 a month, and then, on the 30th of December 2020 we reached our first mini goal and unlocked V0.2.6 so its free to download. Thanks so much for supporting our project!


Why Support us?

Going Open Source


We're going to make the addon/plugin component of our software open source. There are benefits to doing this;


1. More people can contribute, development is faster and of a higher quality. It also opens the way for more applications to be supported.


2. You can modify the code yourself to suit your project or fix an issue without having to wait


3.  Far less opportunities for backdoors or security vulnerabilities since the code is open for all to scrutinise.


We've already got our GitHub account setup, we're already hosting a repository for docker containers based on our addon that let you run blender and our addon with GPU support for Nvidia cards. You can check that out here->

We're listening and making major improvements

In 2018 we set out to create a beta project. We've been talking to many of you in the community to find out where we need to improve and what new features would make Crowdrender an indispensable tool. We're going to...


  • Give you different modes to distribute rendering, we currently use tile based splitting, we're going to add frame based splitting and potentially other modes as well.


  • Make rendering faster, new designs for our render management will significantly speed up rendering


  • Synchronisation will be significantly easier, especially for projects with external dependencies.


  • ❤ You'll be able to connect to your render farm from anywhere! Take your laptop, go find a café or beach somewhere, and still be able to render with all your computers.


Made with Love â¤

Crowdrender is made by a handful of passionate developers who've done some seriously impressive stuff and we bring our talents to bear on this project. We've had our fair share of setbacks along the way, we keep going because;


  • The world desperately needs good software tools, the bad ones waste time and energy that no one can get back, we are dedicated to building the good variety

  • The world needs better business models, big corporate monopolies produce bad, expensive tools, we are dedicated to creating a fair business model where the tool maker and tool user are both happy with the deal they get.

  • We value sustainability above growth. We are a purpose and people first, profit (because its necessary) second organisation. We solve problems that matter, this is our key motivator. Money is a tool we use to achieve this purpose.


It is hard to convey how much we love doing what we do, and how excited we are to be doing it! Our hope is that you'll join us by supporting our project financially, making it available for future generations to enjoy.

Thank you to our supporters ❤!

$50 Level Supporters
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Caetano Veyssières is da bomb ðŸ’£

❤ and hugs to Shawn Kitchin

🎉 celebrations for Jan Daglinckx

😲 awe inspired by Bob Green

🤯 Gábor Nagy made our heads go boom

🤟 much love for Phil Stopford

🥳 We're celebrating Marathon Hardware!

😃 Huge thanks to Glen Lewis!!

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🤛 fist pumps for Manfred Knorr

👏 applause for Thomas Spangenberg

💯 points for Christopher Ryan 

🖖 longevity and prosperity for Robert Schwarz 

🥳 party thrown for Angel Montanez

🏋️‍♂️ Christian Saury lifted us up!

⛽ we're all pumped up thanks to Francis Brown

🙇‍♂️ we are honoured that Aaron Smithey could join us

🏆  Andrew Buttery is a champion!

🏠 Nicholas Salve rocks the house!

🔥 Ridder Werke, so hot right now :)

🧙‍♂️ Carl Cox is a wizard!

🤩 we're star struck by Allen Ghaida!

🤫 shh Stephen Davies awesome!

🚀 ÐžÑ€Ð»Ð¾Ð² Антон is the space cowboy!

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💪 William Pratt as freakin amazing!

$5 - $9  you rock!

ShDr's Textures for 3d Design

GiriCo Inc.

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Georg Käfer

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Martin Smith

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