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New Posts
  • pinthenet
    8 hours ago

    (I tried to post this as a possible bug report but must have done something wrong as I never got a confirmation or response - over a week ago now) I have 2 machines: Local: i7-6700K 4GHz/32gb/GTX1660Ti/Windows10 64bit Remote: i7-4770K 3.5GHz/32gb/GTX1660/Windows10 64bit (both have the latest Nvidia drivers) With crowd-render 2.0 I rendered a 500 frame animation. It took over twice as long as an F12 render & I found 4 or 5 blank frames. After 2.1 was released I removed 2.0, installed 2.1 and tried again. I switched to manual load balancing (0.6 for local, 0,4 for remote). Rendering still took as long - up to 19s per frame as before. The balancing seemed to have an effect, but there was a noticeable colour difference between (I assume) the locally-rendered and the remotely-rendered parts. I also found that frame 2 was blank (I stopped the rendering after this frame). On closer inspection of the logs (local attached, I couldn't attach the 2nd log) I found that in the local log Frame 0 was processed twice and Frame 3 wasn't listed (the missing frame was frame 2). The remote log seemed to be complete. In one other test I had a frame with one part completely white. I couldn't find any other reference to this type of result so maybe I have a system problem?
  • k.vissers
    8 hours ago

    As the title suggests, the connected computer does not render. It's shown to me, I can connect and sync to it, but when I click render, only the local machine renders. Even if I turn off the local computer, nothing happens on the other computer. Am i missing something? BTW i love this concept! Hope to see it grow :)
  • Mike D
    3 days ago

    I have 2 computers synced with a total of 7 gpus combined. Crowdrender = 1:48 F12 (non crowdrender) = 1:38 So crowdrender actually made the frame render slower?????

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