Bubble Render - Albin Merle

Artist Albin Merle shared this rather cool video with us earlier this week. He surprised us by rendering the animation with crowdrender and then sending me the link. We were so happy to see the addon being used in this way! If you read the description, Albin tells how he used crowdrender and how it made a difference to his render times, we really recommend you check out his video :)

We'd like to say A BIG thank you to Albin for making this video! We're humbled to have played a minor part, like a really minor one! We really want to help all of you reading this to accelerate your productions too, so if you haven't taken part in the alpha test program yet, I recommend you check it out on our website at https://www.crowd-render.com/test-0-1-2.

Before you go, give some thought to sending us anything you render with crowdrender, we're really keen to share it with our networks, our posts regularly get over a couple of thousand views now, so good exposure for all of us :).

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