OMG that was quick...

Computer Rendering of the BMW M1 Coupe with caption "BMW27 benchmark crushed in 20s!!" and " Nine GPUs... Ten CPUs and half a TB or RAM"


Its not everyday you get to test with top end equipment, heck in my house all my gear is at least a couple of generations behind the cutting edge. Its actually been a motivation to me to create a distributed rendering solution since I have old gear sitting idle and still want to render my work before I'm eighty years old. So I managed to test with a set of computers that between them have nine Nvidia GTX Cards of varying capability (Oh, and yeah, we're making good progress with the next release, and we have been testing 0.1.2 in pre-release, see the links at the end of the article if you feel adventurous and want to test :D).

Anyone of these cards would be a match for the BMW scene, but I was soooooo keen to see what all nine together could do. Plus there were ten CPUs ranging from i7-5930k (fast hexacore with hyper threading to boot at 3.5 GHz) up to XEON E5 series chips which aren't as quick in their clock speed up but make up for that with lots of cache.