V018 Released | Bug fixes for Blender 2.80 compatibility

A small but sweet update to the current addon for blender. We found an issue that caused render nodes (any computer you connect to so you can make rendering faster!) would exit if you moved objects, changed settings, and so on.

The cause of this was some old code in the Blender python API that was deprecated in May. For some reason we only picked this up a month ago, right about when the release candidates were coming out.

So, we've fixed this and packaged it along with some other enhancements that we've been working on. Mainly for the cloud rendering system. We used to have notifications pop up so often, you may have thought we'd either punched you, or your computer just got a virus. Now, we put any notifications in a list you can clear with a single click. Which is much nicer.

Finally, we&