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Upgrading RAM and its effects on Render Performance

This post is about a short video I did where I ran an experiment with Blender's cycles ray tracing engine. I wanted to investigate the effects of different amounts of RAM on render performance, specifically using the cycles render engine.

As you might have guessed, I like having a render farm, and I like it to be fast. I've seen other videos talking about upgrading RAM to improve performance, and thought it would be a great experiment to do that with Blender and see what happens. The Video is about 4 minutes long, so it is not super in depth, but there is a consistent performance increase after going from 8GB to 16GB, however in some cases the reduction in render time was a lot larger, watch the video if you want to learn more :)

Sierpinski City scene

Sierpinski City.blend
Download ZIP • 697KB

Sierpinski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License - CC BY 4.0

Benchmark files CC License used Barbershop interior by Blender Institute - Agent 327 by Andy Goralczyk, Blender Institute - Links to benchmark files


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