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Thanks Guys!!!

As we near our first target in our campaign to be community supported, we wanted to say thanks and share a bit about our vision... but really we want to say thanks :D That is what this video was for. We're inspired by your support guys, and we want to let you know, we're working hard to make a new system, one that will hopefully help you guys achieve your dreams/goals.

OMG we have supports from all over!!

Guys, its amazing :), when we look at this map of the world (shows where our supporters come from) and see this (referring to the map), dude, it's humbling. We stared out so small, and now we have people supporting us from pretty much every continent on earth... except maybe Antartica, which is pretty understandable I guess... but hey, who knows, there may be some researchers down there that might just use blender?

But seriously, when we checked this out, we were like, OMG!! There's someone from Iceland supporting us, man that is cool (literally)!!

I mean you have to understand, we live in the southern hemisphere, which is mostly ocean. To have a connection to so many parts of the globe is super encouraging! And yeah, we totally want to do a road trip :) If you have a floor with space for a couple of sleeping mats, let us know ok?

But whatever happens, really, thanks, thats what this article is meant to say :D


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