Tech Update for 2020 | Hardware and Software for Rendering

The hardware gloves are off this new decade with AMD continuing to shove its fist down Intels throat in a bid to take its lunch out of its guts... in a way at least. Or put more technically, AMD is about to release its 3990X CPU, and its a whopper! Nvidia is unveiling its new 3000 series cards, and intel is releasing a GPU? Wait, what? All three companies are now 'in the 7's' with new hardware being manufactured at 7nm, so less power draw, more performance, you know the story by now.

Software wise, Blender continues to add features onto of its major update that took us from 2.79b to 2.80 (in my opinion this was a MAJOR update, but anyway, we enjoy the benefits so props to the blender team!). We'll be seeing 2.82 release in a matter of weeks and 2.83 is already in alpha. 2.82 promises speedups for BVH building on windows.