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OMG!! Crowdrender Dev fund hits 200 Subscribers :D

A very difficult and strange year is closing out on a positive note for one little software project :)

Lets keep this short, we've got folk to thank

I don't want this to sound like we're accepting some award, but there are people who've helped us tremendously all year long, and it feels kind of necessary to recognise this.

So, starting with our development fund supporters who's contributions kept us going through 2020, to all of you who are supporting us, or did support us (whether short or long), THANK YOU!!!

Next, a huge thanks to Bart from Bart helped us get the word out about our crowdfunding campaign back in December 2019 through until April 2020. His help was so appreciated and pivotal in us reaching our first goal to meet Crowdrender's growing operational costs. Bart, THANK YOU!!

A special thank you to Caetano Veyssières, not only because he's a cool guy and donating at $50 a month (our highest tier) but because he was one of the earliest to sign up and has also developed an addon to help network rendering systems render regions of an image rather than the whole image. We'll be covering his addon in a tutorial soon (if you want to try it out ->

Special thanks go to our $20 level supporters who have been both awesome dudes, and fun to hang out with to boot, CHEERS GUYS!

Special thanks also to our $10 level supporters, you guys rock :), and last but not least to the very, very many $4 level supporters, to each and every one of you, THANK YOU :D.

Honorable Mentions

Phil Stopford

For sharing his artwork with us (check the video), and testing our software quite brutally with this animation!


Shawn Kitchin

For posting on our facebook page, showing us his improvements in Blender, and giving us cool stuff to share.


Stephen Davies

For using our addon to render a product catalogue, we thought this was pretty cool :)


Thats about it really, thanks guys, really thanks :) and here's hoping we all can look forward to things getting better after 2020. Wishing you all the very best from the land down under.

Peace :D


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