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Docs update for V0.3.0!

You heard it right folks :) we've finally updated the docs for V0.3.0 and I guess this also means we're officially launching this version now xD. V0.3.0 has been available from our website for a while, but it had undergone quite a bit of a change in how rendering is done, so we decided to update the docs, which actually took longer than the changes to the software. You'll see what I mean when you visit the new docs page, they've been completely re-written from scratch.

FAQ Added

Yes we've finally added a FAQ to the documentation, hopefully this helps with quickly directing common issues to the right info. If you've got any questions you think should be in here, please comment below, we'll be glad to add ones we've not thought of.

Interestingly, the bulk of these questions have been inspired by the support tickets we get, so here's hoping they help people figure out stuff faster than submitting and waiting on a support ticket :)

New Look plus new sections

We're slowly phasing out the old multi-coloured theme from our first website design, and using just white and blue. The docs have now been updated. We've also added sections on things like conventions used, so hopefully we can all speak the same language when talking about render nodes, master or client node and so on.

Also new is a section on system requirements, though it suffices to say that if you can run blender, you can run our addon. However, where Blender doesn't mention anything about networks, we do make some comment on your network speeds.

More comprehensive.... and more to come!

We've been adding material on shared or external assets, like textures, blend files and caches. So we're trying to be a bit more comprehensive. Setting up your network for file sharing, though not required to make Crowdrender run, really helps with more complex projects, so we've included a section on configuring your project for rendering that covers this topic.

We're still to work on things like headless mode. We'll have a section on this coming soon. Like many things related to the Crowdrender project, we're making changes everywhere! So its an exciting time, for documentation!

You can help too!

Don't forget, good docs require your perspective, if they're to be truly great, then they should be easy to follow, clear, not harbour any ambiguity and be succinct. Most of all, they help you get the job done. So, if you think we've done a better job that V0.2.X docs, please let us know :) If you think we could do better, tell us how. You can do that in the comments below :)


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