Combining Eevee and cycles with Crowdrender

Eevee has speed and some impressive features, such as the recent SSGI inclusion allowing some form of global illumination. Cycles is a path tracing engine, able to simulate the physics of light giving pleasing results for very little effort.

Sometimes its nice to have the best of both worlds, if you can get away with it, rendering with eevee is fast! Cycles is convenient, and can give the accuracy needed where non physical engines like eevee can't.

So its nice to know that we've just been testing V0.3.0, our latest release, and it can use both engines in the same project. All you need to do is to setup two scenes in your project and each can be rendered with the engine of your choice. We tested rendering multiple scenes (thats a multiple of 2!) in Blender 2.91 and rendered one with eevee and the other with cycles.

We setup a compositing node network to mix the results of the two scenes together. Crowdrender rendered both scenes using two computers, a client and one render node. The render node was a PC supplied from