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$296 a month, lets get to $750 :D

Since we started our campaign to help make Crowdrender sustainable, we've been surprised how open and generous the community around us has been. But we have to be real. We have a target for a reason, if we don't make that target, then the project isn't sustainable, it will, slowly but surely, run out of funds.

How you can help? Its so simple! For $4 bucks a month, yes that's four dollary-doos, you can help. Just click the subscribe button below to go to our crowdfunding page!

Oh, and one more thing, please share this around your network and social media. You have more influence that you may realise. This really helps!

Here's a handy button to instantly tweet our campaign page to your twitter account :)

And here's one for facebook to :)

Thanks everyone!

The crowdrender crew.

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