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Next Release | 0.1.3

0.1.2 Release Available now for FREE

So, you might have heard that we recently released 0.1.2 after about eight months of development work and testing with a couple of hundred artists. You can now download 0.1.2 for free at this link -> download 0.1.2 (please be aware that a signup is required, you can use facebook or google to login if you wish and signing up is free).

We've been getting some really great feedback from artists using the addon as the basis of building their own render farm. I won't bore you with reams of testimonials just yet, but we've been encouraged that this version is being well received :)

Early Access Testers get first 0.1.3 build for testing

Now for some exciting news! The first PRC (Pre-Release Candidate) of the next release, 0.1.3, is now available to registered testers (if you're currently registered in the testing program, you'll already have received a separate e-mail inviting you to download the new build for testing). If you are not in the registered testing program, you can still join using this link -> register to test 0.1.3

If you're curious as to what new stuff is going to be in 0.1.3 you can check out its feature list below:


- support for 2.79 daily builds (currently in PRC v1)

- support for 2.80 builds

- custom render tile sizes for each node (enables optimisation of GPU or CPU render nodes)

- Each render node can be optionally excluded from rendering (great if you want to use a laptop to access your workstations power, and not slow down your laptop during rendering!)

- load balancing will remember the optimised configurations for each file so renders will be balanced even after restarting blender

Bug fixes

- "overwrite" option for rendering corrupts renders when switched off

- "persistent images" option for cycles performance options glitches animation renders

- incorrect statuses can appear for render nodes when loading a saved file

0.1.3 is likely to be released by mid to late February at this stage.

Happy rendering!

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