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If you've ever wondered what makes great UI design (or what makes very bad UI, here's a suggestion, user feedback (or lack of it).

So, I'd like to present to an example of how one member of our site helped us reshape the ui for our addon in about a day. Personally I think its a lot better (but I'll let you decide for yourself!).

First, my sincere thanks to Patrick, you have been so generous with your ideas and time today! You have our gratitude!

Patrick posted in our forum after seeing our video demonstration (link to video ->

He had some suggestions for how the new user interface could be re-arranged to make it easier to understand. The new look for the user interface is in this image. You can see the difference, there is a connect button for each machine now, since that is how the actual connection works. Also resynchronise has been put underneath the list of machines to emphasise the way it works, it acts on all nodes, whereas connect acts only on individual nodes.

I encourage you to go to the forum post and check it out, here's the link - - its an example of how you can help shape the add-on.

So we want your thoughts! Let us know what you think! Post in our forums, send us e-mail, send us letters, carrier pigeons even!!!.... ok maybe that last one is a bit silly. We're in Australia, they'd probably never make it.

My point is this, we want to make something you will want to use, so we are asking you, yes all of you, to post something, even if its about problems you've had getting the alpha to work, or a rant about how frustrating your experience has been. If you don't speak up, we can't do much to help, and help you we will, you can bank on it :D.

Yours truly, waiting in expectation of a tidal wave of feedback!

James ;)


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