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Video Demo of 0.1.2 Release

Woooooooooo! So close now! The next release is currently in advanced testing and should be made available soon. This is an hour long demonstration where we show how to install, connect, render and composite using the 0.1.2 release.

BUT! Before you head over to watch the video (or parts of it, there is a contents section the description, wouldn't blame you if you skipped bits :D ) take a moment to consider making a commitment to commenting on this video with your genuine thoughts and impressions about what you see.

We need your feedback to improve. It would be lovely if we were savants and knew exactly what every artist wants from this addon, but we're very human in this regard. Though we have some fantastic feedback from a few fine folk from the blender community, we need your support in numbers, in the words of uncle sam; "We need you!". This means you reading this right now! No matter what you think, we still want to hear from you. After all we're providing this software to you for free, all that we ask ( and will ever ask ) in return for making it available, is your time and honest thoughts.

Thanks in advance

James and Jeremy

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