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New release coming soon

Hi everyone!

Its always a little humbling when something doesn't quite go as you had said it would, so my apologies to our very patient members/subscribers! We did promise a version to support linux a couple of months ago and promised it in a couple of weeks. Looking back, that was a more than a little too ambitious of us. Needless to say, we're a bit late. So sorry about that!

I'd like to thank all of you who commented in the forums and posted about improvement or issues you have had with the current release. We really appreciate this. My self and Jeremy have been working hard to use your suggestions for new features, and to fix the problems you've found so that the next release is going to be useful for you despite it still being somewhat experimental at this stage!

Anyway, we've been working on 0.1.2. like crazy. There's going to be a video demo real soon followed by it's release on our website. Here's what 0.1.2 will be capable of.

The 0.1.2 release will have;

  • A much better UI, you'll be able to see nodes (nodes = computers you want to use to render) you are connected to and see their progress when either connecting or rendering.

  • Add multiple machines, yes, multiple. The 0.1.1a version was restricted to two machines, 0.1.2 will allow you to add as many as you like.

  • Auto load balancing, the add-on will attempt to account for differences in compute power and complexity in the scene and adjust the load on each node accordingly.

  • Support for real time update of shaders, you can will be able to tweak the settings of an existing shader node setup for materials and worlds and then render straight away cause all those settings changes are now streamed to all the nodes. This is in addition to being able to move objects around in the scene and change their properties. So you can now effectively do fast preview renders while tweaking both composition and shaders.

  • Support for linux!

  • Maybe some other goodies that we're working on, if we can squeeze them in on time.

So, again, sorry if we went a bit quiet since the last release. I hope it hasn't turned you off testing our alpha. We're really excited about this new release and hope you will find it far more usable.

Expect and update from us soon ;)



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