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World Blender Meetup Day

Greetings from James and Jeremy! :D :)

We're excited to let you know that we'll be taking part in World Blender Meetup Day on the 18th of this month! We'll be taking part with other blender enthusiasts from Australia and will be giving a demo of our soon to be released update to the 0.1.1 alpha with an improvement to the user interface and the ability to connect more than two machines together. We'd love to see you online, answer your questions and get to know some of you a bit better! So please head to to sign up to get notified about when the live stream will be available to join.

We'll be presenting at 7pm until about 8pm, Australian Eastern Summer time, which pretty much means about 9:00 am in Europe (depending on where you are) or 1 am if you're on the west coast of America (sorry about that!) or 4:00 am if you're on the east coast of America (also, sorry, but we just got given a time and Australia is very awkward with its time zones relative to the rest of the world!).

If you can't be live in person ( and if you are in the Americas I can't really blame you given the time difference!) then the sessions (should) be available online afterwards, we'll send you an update when our session has been published!

What else's going on?

Well, we've been testing with the latest release builds, 2.78b and then 2.78c and so far we can tell you that crowdrender works fine with those. So you shouldn't feel the need to wait to upgrade unless you are waiting for the next full release of blender. We're also working on supporting GPUs and of course the bugs and features currently in the features section of the forum. We'll be letting you know more as we release updates!

All the best

James and Jeremy!

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