Updated release - download 0.1.1.a

Hi there! A really big thank you to all of you that have been testing and providing feedback. Its been great to have your support and I particularly would like to praise this community for its patience and professionalism in helping us develop the alpha. We've got you to thank for many new ideas and many new bugs to work on ;)

We've got a new release for you, 0.1.1.a is a minor minor update (or patch to a minor version?) that brings some important bug fixes. Its time we confessed, here's what this revision fixes.

First we have included a fix for CR-161 Can't get Crowdrender to connect. This issue caused the add-on to fail to recognise your network adapter if you had a hostname that included dotted segments like your.host.name or your-host-name. As you can imagine its hard to connect to something if you can't see its there. I won't bore you with the details but this has been fixed. This only affected windows users with the format of host names just described.

Second, if you are on a Mac and have been tearing your hair out because you can't see the crowdrender panel, grab some rogaine and enjoy this new version. The 0.1.1 (old) version had an issue that prevented it from starting properly. That has been fixed now. Please go ahead and download the latest version remove and install 0.1.1.a.

Finally some tips for mac users when using safari to download crowdrender, I've been given feedback that safari unzips the download automatically, leaving a folder with our add-on inside. This can't be used to install the add-on, blender's install function requires a zip file. Some users have had difficulty getting the add-on to work as they renamed this folder prior to zipping it up again. Please don't change this folder's name! Leave the folder's name as 'crowdrender' and then zip it. You can change the name of the resulting zip file, but don't change the folder's name prior to re-zipping!

There! I've said too much already! Hit this link to download 0.1.1.a

All the best everyone, please get in touch if you have any issues getting crowdrender to work, we're happy to help


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