V0.2.9 In early access - support for Blender 2.91

A rather short message today to announce that a new version of Crowdrender is in early access, available to our development fund supporters, and hopefully with not too long a wait, everybody!

V0.2.9 is an important release because it fixes a bug that caused V0.2.8 and all previous versions to break with Blender's 2.91 release of few weeks prior to this post. There were also some other stuff we put in there that we we're working on and had reached the point where it was time to release them.

Short Cut Keys

Thanks go to Jeremy on this one, he developed a way to bind Alt-F12 to cause Crowdrender to render a still, and also Shift - Alt - F12 to start rendering an animation. Whats more is that if you don't like those bindings, you are able to change them to something that suits you.

Bug Fixes

Some other stuff that got fixed;

  • A problem was found where you could set the number of CPU threads used by a node, but not set it back to auto detect. You can now set things back to auto detect and the CPU for that node uses all threads to render.

  • A session process is what is started on a node when you connect. In some cases these would not close, and the more you connected to a node, the more they built up. Eventually if you connected too many times, you'd get an error. This no longer happens.