Helping Businesses Render Faster

Crowdrender helps Marathon Hardware build a batch rendering system to help render their product catalogue

Soooo, not our usual content, but we wanted the world to know what we're now able to deliver custom solutions for CG pipelines :D. One such example is a short project we just completed for Marathon Hardware, a Candadian company who supply products for interior fit out.

Looking around their website, chances are you're looking at something rendered using Crowdrender and Blender.

Loads of Rendering!

CG is used extensively in Marathon's website, they have over 7000 products and, as you can imagine, creating physical displays for that many products is a bit hard. So they turned to Blender to model their products and create virtual displays, their catalogue features many of these, of which, the more recent have mostly been rendered with our addon.

As you can see from this image (from Marathon's Fall 2020 catalogue) asides from there being thousands of parts, there are also different finishes, each has to be rendered as a separate 'variation'. This multiplies the number of parts to be rendered by how many different variations there are. If a part comes in brass, copper or is painted different colours, all of those need to be rendered to represent their unique look.

A Tricky Problem

Our distributed rendering/render farm addon helps accelerate rendering projects in blender, but in this case, the problem was actually finding a way to avoid the manual task of setting up the render for each part and all its variations. Marathon was keen to automate this step and so turned to us to build a solution for rendering the hundreds of parts and their variations.

The Work We Did