What edits are updated in real time?

In this post I'll present a list of the supported edits you can do in real time in blender and have all your render nodes updated without any upload. This list is intended to grow of course and over the coming releases we'll add more and more operations you can do that won't require you to upload the blend file all over again.

Anything that is not on this list won't update in real time and will require you to re-upload your blend file.

Transform Edits to objects

Specifically, moving, rotating or scaling an object is supported in real time. You can use any of the available methods in blender that cause these operations to happen, such as the manipulator, using the G, S and R keys, or by opening the properties panel for the object you want to edit and changing the values of the location, rotation and scale values.

Duplicating and Deleting Objects

You can duplicate and delete multiple or single objects by simply selecting them and using the normal blender controls to either duplicate or delete an object.