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Michaela Poľanská
Nov 06, 2019
In Getting started
Hi, first of all, I´m big fan of your work (and blender) and also I´m amateur in world of IT, so maybe it will be just something simple I´m just doing wrong. Situation is: I have 4 PCs, all have Windows 10, stable / official built of blender 2.80, crowdrender 018_bl280, we all allowed blender in firewall when prompted. 2 PCs share one internet connection and can connect to each other, sync and render via crowdrender. Other 2 PCs are each located in different cities, and each has different internet connection. I can´t connect to PC nu.3 nor PC nu.4. We tried to reverse process for example: PC nu.3 in role of Master tried to connect to my PC nu.1 in role of Node, doesn´t work either. Message only appears for a second that it couldn´t connect to that node, and in list of nodes it says failed to connect. Please can you give me a hint what am I doing wrong? I was searching for answers but couldn´t find any, would be much appriciated, thank you. Take care!
Michaela Poľanská

Michaela Poľanská

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