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Jan 28, 2019
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I have the Beta version from Jan 17th (blender-2.80-7c438e5366b2-win64) I am using a direct ethernet cable hookup between two Win 10 laptops. Both laptops are showing on my network on both machines. I tried first to connect without the cloud auto-connect option and I manually typed in the name of the laptop. It found the IP but just will not connect. I also tried it using the Cloud service auto-connect -- but that doesn't work either. I get a quick display that says "local is synced" at bottom of blender 2.8 -- but that's it -- then an error about 15 seconds later -- can't connect. I've tried it from both laptops from one to the other. I'm sorry I don't know if this is a bug or a problem I've just caused by missing a simply obvious step???? Please help -- I'm excited to start using such a service and the cloud feature for rendering is sounding great! Appreciate your time -- I know it takes a lot of effort to program this. As a final note -- for my internet I am using hotspot from my mobile phone. Didn't know if this would be a problem or not? It simply shows my ethernet has no internet connection -- but I can still communicate between the two laptops via network in windows explorer. Gary


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