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Sean Higgs
Jan 09, 2021
In Getting started
Long time listener, first time caller. tl;dr - in a small test animation, my local computer is much faster at rendering alone through Blender's native renderer, than it is rendering alone, or with my media PC, through Crowdrender. The culprit seems to be the delay (about 5 seconds) between frames where it just says "starting..." (circled in image below.) What could be going on during this "starting..." phase of the render process? My Setup: Network: My main computer is on wifi downstairs (Orbi mesh decent), and my secondary is upstairs connected directly to router with ethernet cable. Main computer: -Ryzen 9 3900x -RTX 3090 -64GB 3200MHz Ram -Blender 2.90.1 -Crowdrender 0.2.9 Second Computer: -Ryzen 5 1600 -GTX 1080 -GTX 970 -16GB 3200 Ram -Blender 2.90.1 -Crowdrender 0.2.9
Rendering slow because of "Starting..." between frames   content media
Sean Higgs

Sean Higgs

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