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Mar 28, 2022
In Getting started
So I am new to this set up and it looked like a great thing, but I am having a number of issues. 1) I subscribed under my profile, yet on the main site, under subscriptions it is showing that I have no subscriptions 2) I have 2 machines successfully connected and being used in the render environment, however even doing a test render with stock standard bsdf textures (no external images etc) the render goes pink (the first one I did was a short animation that i rendered out as an image sequence, the first 67 frames where perfect, then each frame got progressively pink, till the entire thing was pink in place of the textures, now no mater what I try I am still getting everything rendering in pink (render on origin machine with cycles or eevee renders perfectly) 3) I submitted a support ticket more then a week ago and have had no reply (login in here made me realize that for some reason my login to the add-on is not actually connected to the main site) yes I am having a bit of a rant, and apologies, but there seems to be a massive disconnect between the add-on login ( and this site ) can someone please help


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