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Apr 05, 2020
In Getting started
I have been 'playing' around with Blender for a few weeks now, trying to find a good renderer and render farm software for architectural designs exported as Collada files. Although Blender 2.8 imports them 'ok-ish', rendering scenes takes a lot of time. After some research, I found crowdrender which 'looks' promising and even decided to pay to get the latest build. I built my own render farm with my main system and three subordinate systems which 'should' work according to documentation and youtube videos. I have run a couple of tests with crowdrender and am impressed with the concept, but the outcome is not what I was hoping for. Here's a render of a very simple bathroom scene as a test: The far right shows about 5% of the job, and it was sent to my local machine that has 8 cores. I am not concerned with the color and lighting differences as that is probably due to differences on the individual systems, namely the Filmic Color Management system, but that system is my most powerful and should have received the highest priority! Then only the top half of the remainder was returned from a laptop that only has 2 cores and 4GB RAM (My least powerful system). The other two systems???... never returned any part of the image. Load balancing doesn't work as only one of my three subordinate systems actually displays as 'online' or 'ready' in blender, but when I send a Render job, all three subordinate system's CPU usage pegs out.
CR not real happy with my systems content media


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