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David Grieshammer
Apr 29, 2020
In Getting started
Hi Folks, thanks for your plugin, unfortunately I can't connect; using Blender 2.82a and Crowd-render 0.2.2 with Windows 10 Pro and Mac Catalina, both in the same network; also tried with Blender 2.80, same situation, no connection from mac to pc. Someone already had the same Issue, syncing from win to mac works, mac to win doesn't (this is my intention). As suggested I temporarily disabled the windows firewall (no other currently installed), quatro-checked the IP and copy pasted it to be sure there are no typos, changed the cr ports on both machines to 9999 as well as 9876 to see if by some chance the ports where in use. Im pretty frustrated, I also installed recurring payments to get access to the newest versions even though I never could test this software so far. I'm pretty sure it's related to some network fuckup but I'm lost right now. Oh, I also checked the router, communication between machines is allowed, vnc and remote desktop both work. If anybody has a hint I'd be really grateful, basically setting up and fiddeling since 9 hours. Best, thx in advance, david

David Grieshammer

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