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Diego Domene
Sep 30, 2019
In Getting started
Good afternoon, First of all, thank you very much for the initiative. Here's my situation: I'm located in Barcelona and have two computers (one mac and one PC) that are connected to another network in Paris with 7 more macs. We're connected through a Synology Diskstation ( and we want to build our render farm using our Synology server as the hub for all the projects and rendered files. Is that possible? What's the best approach for my case? I tried to make a render test with another computer here, and apparently has synced properly, but the render keeps on, even when I disconnect or unplug the slave computer. How to make sure that the render is being processed in conjunction with all machines, instead of just rendering in one machine? the interface doesn't give us much information about that. I'm new on that stuff, and I hope you can give me an initial direction Thank you very much
Diego Domene

Diego Domene

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