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Feb 23, 2021
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Heya, Trying my first animation test between my desktop (i7-10700K, 64GB ddr4, RTX 3080) and my laptop (i7-7700, 32GB RAM, 1060 6GB). I finally got the node (laptop) to connect and started a test render. On the desktop (3080) each frame takes about 1:07. With CR it took about 4:50 to render one frame. I'm guessing this is the laptop but the laptop doesn't start rendering anything until AFTER the desktop has finished its tiles. So they don't work in parallel. (Both set to GPU, with desktop set to optix and laptop set to CUDA). On top of that, every two or three fames, there is a shift in cropping or position. As if it's shifted about 100 or so pixels to the left and then back. This makes the animation completely unusable as it's shaking like crazy. Normal animation export on desktop doesn't have these issues. Any advice? Thanks so much! :)
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