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Leonid Demyrov
Nov 06, 2019
In Bugs - Archived
Hi. I was testing Crowdrender and got a problem. Everything is fine, computers are synced, but when I render image, I only got my part of image, the part from another computer was blank. I noticed that it was writing a message "image saved C:/Users/..." and then got a sequence like "\\xd0\\x9b\\xd0\\xb5\\xd0\\xbe\\xd0\\xbd\\xd0\\xb8\\xd0\\xb4\\". Problem is that my user name is set "Леонид" in CYRYLLIC, not LATIN, and your addon can't convert it properly from HEX. In system logs I found a lot of this: The system cannot find the specified path: C:\\\\Users\\\\\\xd0\\x9b\\xd0\\xb5\\xd0\\xbe\\xd0\\xbd\\xd0\\xb8\\xd0\\xb4\\\\cr\\\\server\\\\dd232dd9-7b4a-4a9c-8132-e051d72688c6\\\\Scene_ea9d6dae-6029-5b9c-be6b-7237d26a06770001.exr' I solved a problem, changing all user names and system paths in registry to latin for all computers in my network. But, it took a while to find the problem and solution. And changing names in Windows can be tricky too. For now, I think, most users, that have non-latin system path names wount be able to use your addon properly. Hoping this can help you improve it. Best regards.
Leonid Demyrov
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