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Олег Белобров
Oct 23, 2019
In Getting started
Hello! I have a problem with connecting my machines, PC on Windows 10, PC on Linux ubuntu 19.04 and laptop on Windows 10. I installed blender 2.80 on each. I tried different versions of Crowd Render (0.1.8, 0.1.7). 1) PC on win as the main machine: one time it connected to a laptop, but couldn't to a Linux PC 2) Laptop as the main machine: it did connect to a Linux PC(didn't try with PC on win) 3) PC on Linux as the main machine: it did connect to a laptop(didn't try with PC on win) P.S. PC on Linux and laptop have a wireless internet connection(via wifi) What it could be? Thanks for your replies All the best! Oleh
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