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Super Computing for everyone

CrowdRender is free software that lets you drastically reduce render times by using multiple computers. We've just launched our beta project, and we are crowdfunding to help us build the next generation of CrowdRender.

With our new addon, we'll release a platform that will let you access computing power from wherever you are, use your own computers, your friend's computers and online render farms too, all from within your application.


The beta version will be released this year provided we meet our funding goal and we've designed it to help you keep your projects under control. 

Find out more by checking out our crowdfunding campaign, just click the banner below!

About us and the project

A quick video in which we introduce ourselves, why we are building this and how it can help you. All animations we're rendered with the CrowdRender addon :)

How it works
A collection of gears which have white teeth and colored interiors. The colours are red, yellow, blue, green, violet and purple
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A floppy diskette with a piece missing from the body of the disk. The missing piece is in the shape of a piece from a jigsaw puzzle. There is a matching piece flying in from the left to fill the hole in the disk. The disk is coloured red, yellow, blue, violet and purple. The puzzle piece is green.
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A computer with a sad face rendered in large pixels with three black wavy lines coming from atop the monitor. The pixels of the sad face are different colours, red yellow, green, blue, violet and purple
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A large envelope with six coloured stars, red yellow, green, blue, violet, purple
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