Jun 6

GPU + CPU rendering with 2.80


Can I render with multiple computers running native blender CPU+GPU rendering in blender 2.80?

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  • Mike D
    3 days ago

    I have 2 computers synced with a total of 7 gpus combined. Crowdrender = 1:48 F12 (non crowdrender) = 1:38 So crowdrender actually made the frame render slower?????
  • 元近好一
    Nov 12

    I want to start rendering from multiple machines. Render the animation. Can you render them in order? Two machines were connected. When rendering from each machine, it appears that one machine is rendering two at the same time. For example, 100 machines are participating in a render farm and 20 people start rendering. Can I start the next animation rendering after one animation render is complete?
  • Ryan Gregg
    Nov 6

    I start a cloud sever and request 4, I get the grey server saying starting server 1 etc, then I try to connect to them but it says sync failed each time constantly.

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