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Crowdrender es una empresa con base en Sydney Australia. Hemos construido una API para compartir recursos electrónicos en tiempo real. Ahora estamos construyendo una plataforma para los artistas que quieran compartir sus computadores para hacer rendering.

Bueno y después de todo esto te preguntaras si estamos construyendo algo real? Claro que si! en nuestro primer proyecto le estamos ayudando al equipo detrás de la película Luke's Escape. Puedes ver el progreso aquí.


When the production team behind Luke's Escape asked if we could help we we're super excited! They had found themselves in a situation where they had completed a lot of animation but needed to finish the final frames of the film.

The project needed more funding to complete the frames that were ready to be rendered. So instead we planned to help them by using crowdrender. Luckily Luke's Escape has quite a few followers that are willing to donate some of their computer's spare CPU power. The only problem was that these supporters were all over the world and so any collaboration had to be through the net.

Lets face it collarborating over the internet is hard, especially for a film quality production like this. There are a lot of files to manage and for each machine you need to use, you need to manage the files on that machine. To get the power you need you obviously need lots of machines which means a lot of management overhead.

So that is what our system really excels at, managing the data flow from the production team to the supporters.


Heck yes!

At the moment we're building the nice web interface you can use to easily sign up and get started in minutes.

While that is getting built, we'll be glad to get you up and running with a more personal touch. Feel free to contact us using the form below.

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