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We're on a mission! We're building the worlds best render farm software, and with your help, we want to make it available for free! 
We've already built software that works with blender, able to help you setup a render farm using just two computers and a wifi connection!
We're working on our first beta of Crowdrender, you can download the current alpha version for free by clicking the Download button below. You'll need to register for a free account.






Hi from the developers! We wanted to build a distributed render farm application for ordinary and experienced artists that is super easy to use. Thats why we started the adventure of building Crowdrender!

We also want to make Crowdrender accessible to everyone, so we don't charge for the software, but, we do ask that if you use our software professionally that you donate to our project to help us keep developing it!


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Midge Sinnavae

I no longer hate my slow-ass laptop when working on location. I’m able to access the power of my workstation working remotely. My workflow is a lot more flexible and I can show clients results on the spot. It’s really easy to set up and I can’t wait to see what other great additions the team will add in the future!


frigging amazing addon, seriously impressive work, especially because it is so easy to use, I did encounter a few problems making my gamer PC use GPU only, my MacBook pro does not like when blender is set to GPU, I semi solved it and chopped my render from 12 min to 4min pr. render test :D.... those guys' deserve a gigantic THANK YOU for doing this project


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