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We make Render Farm Software

What is a render farm? Why does it speed up rendering?

Render Farms use lots of computers to accelerate rendering 3d animation or still images. There are two main approaches, if you're rendering a still image, it will be broken into 'tiles', each tile rendered on a different computer and the result used to build the final image, great for large resolution stills. The second method is to send individual frames to each computer and only works to increase speed for animations.


We've built a plugin for blender that allows you to build a render farm using computers you already have around you (you can buy more of course) that is simple to setup and supports blender on windows, macOS and linux.

How to build a render farm with our software

All you need is two (or more) computers connected to the same wifi or ethernet network and you can be rendering faster, that's it. We designed our software to install in one click and not require technical know how to use or have complicated setups.

Supports Free and Open Source 3d tools 

Our software supports rendering in Blender using the cycles engine, EEVEE rendering is also possible. Our add-on for is tightly integrated with Blender.

We currently support Blender 2.80 through to 4.2. Support for Blender 3.0 - 4.2 is available for supporters of our development fund. Free builds support up to Blender 3.6 LTS

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If you've made something amazing using our software, you can help support us by sharing it on social media and using #crowdrender or @crowdrender to tag us!  Better yet, you can send us your work and if we like it, we'll share it via our social media channels, which you can check out by using the icons below :)


Midge Sinnavae

I no longer hate my slow-ass laptop when working on location. I’m able to access the power of my workstation working remotely. My workflow is a lot more flexible and I can show clients results on the spot. It’s really easy to set up and I can’t wait to see what other great additions the team will add in the future!


frigging amazing addon, seriously impressive work, especially because it is so easy to use, I did encounter a few problems making my gamer PC use GPU only, my MacBook pro does not like when blender is set to GPU, I semi solved it and chopped my render from 12 min to 4min pr. render test :D.... those guys' deserve a gigantic THANK YOU for doing this project

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