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Aug 11, 2020
In General Questions
I am trying to connect to more than one CR container. All the containers appear to start up correctly. Blender is running in each container and TCP/9006 is listening. When I connect to the first container, CR shows are syncing. When I go to connect to a second container it will connect. TCP/9006 is listening, and I notice when it connects (I did a packet dump) a second instance of blender is being launched. This only happens on the n+1 containers. Even when I switch containers I connect to, CR connects the first node, but the second and so on will not connect, and another blender is launched in the containers. Containers: Ubuntu 18.04 Blender: 2.83.4 CR: 0.2.3_bl280 Client Windows 10 pro Blender: 2.83.4 CR: 0.2.3_bl280


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