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Crowdrender slower than with single box
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Jul 03, 2019
hi james, thanks for the reply and thanks for your add-on - it is going to be vital for my work and i am extremely keen to get it operating well. to give you some reasonably accurate comparison aggregate animation times, i need to finish converting Jason Van Gumster's Render Time Estimation (RTE) add-on to 2.8 and ideally i will add some way of collecting all the render times in a place where i can easily compare them (eg a google spreadsheet). however, RTE works in 2.79, and i will add CR to 2.79 and try both stills and animations there too, and post all the data back here. currently i am trying these tests on one master and two nodes, but i will be able to increase that to three nodes today, i hope. i tried both automatic load balancing and manual. you are right - automatic gives quicker results than manual tweaking. somehow, the master machine, which is by far the most powerful, is being greatly underused and/or slowed down by CR (both i think). this is the main reason that the renders are slower with CR, i think. i had hoped that in animation mode, CR would allow each node to render a whole frame so that as each node became free, it would simply grab the next available frame. that way the fast master machine would render more frames and over a period of frames the system would easily and automatically find the most optimal arrangement. indeed as the frame content changed, the system would again automatically adjust and whatever machine was going the fastest would get the right number of frames to suit its abilities. one other question: can CR take advantage of hybrid rendering (only available in 2.8 i think)? thanks, julian


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