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Sep 13, 2019
In General Questions
Hello. Please can you help me with my case telling me whether Crowdrender could help me?: I've bought recently 16GB more in my main PC so I have now 32GB. The rest of my PCs have less memory, 16GB, One of them has a nVIDIA RTX 2060 SUPER but only 16GB of memory RAM. And other has a nVIDIA GTX 970 with 16GB of Memory RAM. The main PC is in one city. The last two are in other city. Can I connect them and work with my scene which is 1.20GB in HD and can only be rendered in my PC with 32GB of memory RAM? This big scene can't take profit of any of my other two Pcs because of they have no memory RAM enough. I hope that it could be rendered taking advantage of these awesome graphic cards combining their power. Please help me. The other doubt is about if they are not in the same LAN. Should I sign up in something like a cloud or something like that? Should I have to pay for it?. Thanks in advance. Jose.
Oct 14, 2018
In General Questions
Hello. I can't wait to see whether you can answer my doubt: I have many omcputers in several houses around my province and all connected to Internet. Some of them are connected inside my LAN. The question is: may I use and connect all my computers although many of them are in different LANs without paying money?. If so, I don't know whicih step I did it wrong. Thank you very much in advance and congrats for this awesome add-on.


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