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Thomas Hilburger
Nov 19, 2020
In Getting started
Hey guys! Today I have started to play around with the latest downloadable preview version of crowd render with Blender 2.90.1. Besides a few hick-ups with connecting to the node or syncing I got it working to render via network. Now I am facing the old problem of how to handle the baked data on the node: I get no fire or smoke rendered to the node's tiles. Workstation tiles look perfect. I thought this should work: On my workstation client I have got all my projects on E:\Blender-Projects\ and and the folders for temp and caching: E:\z_blender-sysfolders\temp and E:\z_blender-sysfolders\caches. Not sure if that's necessary to be honest. The paths have been entered in the preferences of both Blender installations (workstation and node). This folder is shared on the network and and my first (and currently only) node can access it via the same drive letter E: so that Blender can access all project assets and subfolders no matter if addressed relatively or absolutely and also access the temp and cache folders on the workstation client as if they are lying there physically. But still when I render from the workstation via crowd-render I still the same, Blender on the node can't seem to find the metaflow bake cache folder named "cache_fluid_4b85f272" and does not render the flames and smoke. Rendering on the node manually opening the project file from the shared drive E: works great - all is being rendered. Can anybody help me to what I am missing and how to make Blender on the node(s) to find the baking cache subfolders? Thank you! Thomas
Thomas Hilburger

Thomas Hilburger

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