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Nov 23, 2018
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I'm currently doing some test animations of a single character wearing a subd surface dress with cloth simulation. On a single computer the render takes about 13 seconds per frame (GPU rendering) and is using about 20% of cpu and somewhere around 40% of GPU. Will crowdrender will help with this case? The demos I've seen seem to show it splitting up each frame and sending part of it to each CPU. In my case it seems like most of the time is setup for rendering each frame, so splitting up a frame wouldn't be much help. Will crowdrender sense this when rendering an animation and send each FRAME to a different computer? Also, what happens with Cloth simulations? I run the animation on the main machine to compute the cloth, then render the animation. Will crowdrender sync the cloth cache to the other machines or do I have to do something to bake and save it first?
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