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Jun 13, 2020
In Getting started
Hi, New install of Blender 2.8.3 for Windows 10 with Crowd Render 0.2.2 on five Computers - Two will connect and three dont - they are all on the one flat network with no firewalls etc. We often run network apps so all are set to trust the local network. The working two are using domain authentication and the rest MS cloud accounts. Which I am reasonably sure there is a network issue there - however I have disabled the firewall and put in an allow for the port range 9000-9025 and still theses fail to connect to each other or the working two. The usual ping etc all works. I figure its a common problem but unsure what the next step is. 2020-06-13 23:12:18,675 ; WARNING ; CRMain.connect_node_failed;couldn't connect to :DESKTOP-M3JEBAG at endpoint Any ideas?


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