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Aug 31, 2018
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My setup: - I have a laptop with a quadro 2gb that i use for blender - Then i have several mining rigs that i also render on, with 6-8x gtx1070 8gb cards. - i run win10 pro on all machines When i want to render i don't want to use my laptop to render, it's too slow anyways, so i turn off the camera/render for this machine. But as soon as gpu memory requirements go above 2gb it craps it's pants and i'm stuck at logging in with external desktop to do it manually with shared folders +++ Is it possible to not be limited my my laptop gpu memory amount with crowd render and still render on gpu? PS: CR also does not give me the option to choose how many cards i want to use on a node, not a huge problem as i often use all of them, but it only shows me one in the menu, but it does use all cards, i guess i can manually adjust it in blender settings in each node manually.
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