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Dec 23, 2020
In General Questions
I'm not having any luck speeding up renders with CR. In fact if I set load balancing to just use my local machine it takes a LOT longer to render compared to F12. E.g 00:24 seconds vs 05:09 on my latest attempt. It seems to lag in 'Rendering' before it gets to 'Get tile'. When trying to use multiple nodes I have no gains over a single machine. Even when tweaking load balancing or on animation sequences. The same render as above took 02:08 on my last attempt, splitting the load 0.43, 0.28, 0.28 - Again I'd get much fast renders with any one of my nodes alone. They're well equipped machines: Local: Ryzen 3900x RTX 3090 RTX 2080TI 64GB RAM Nodes 1 & 2 Each: Ryzen 3700x 2x 2080TIs 64GB RAM What am I doing wrong?


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