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Arye Zilberman
Mar 19, 2021
In Getting started
Hi there, I'm trying to render a few tests but no luck. Render frame remains blank (checkers). I'm using Blender 2.92 and the new beta 0.3V One local pc, and one allocated crowdrender cloud node. Connection was successful - It connects and uploads successfully. Local pc is set to crowdrender as selected render engine. Render controls: Cycles. Disabled local rendering with the camera icon. Tiles: trying different thing as well as leaving to it's defaults... Rendering device(s) on the cloud node - tried cpu, cuda... After pressing Render - the stats of cloud rendering seems good, progress bar runs up to 100%... exr file seem to be saved on the server. But at the end - a blank (gray checkers pattern) render frame. ~~ This also happens while assigning the render to a computer on a local network instead of cloud. Same blender version and plugin 2.92 & 0.3V. App allowed on firewall... Maybe the ports are being blocked still? ~~ By the way everything here looks amazing - this site, the documentation. So congrats about all of this tremendous work! Cheers. Arye

Arye Zilberman

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